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What is
Professional Supervision?

Working in a helping profession can often take its toll on our emotional and physical well-being. 

Professional supervision is a confidential, non-judgemental space where you can reflect on and discuss the demands of your work and the impact it has on you emotionally.  With regular supervision you will be supported to look at your personal and professional responses to dilemmas faced and explore alternatives. This in turn will help you develop a toolbox of skills to build resilience and ultimately improve your practice and the service you provide your clients.

The Benefits Of
  • A designated time to reflect on your practice

  • Helps you provide a better service to clients

  • Recognise your personal and professional strengths

  • Identify areas for development

  • Explore your personal responses to work

  • Increase your confidence in your skills and competence

  • Validate your practice

  • Gain feedback and guidance

  • Discuss work-related issues in confidence

  • Consider the impact the work has on you and develop resilience

  • Counts towards CPD requirements

Get started!

With regular sessions we will build a supervisory relationship based on trust, exploration and reflection.


I offer remote sessions at £50 for one hour.

For more information and a list of alternative professional supervisors visit

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