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terms & Conditions

Fees are in line with current NUBSLI guidelines
Half Day Rate
  • £175 per half day (any period up to 3 hours) 

  • Weekend and Bank holidays - £260

Full Day Rate
  • £350 per day (up to 6 hours)

  • Thereafter £58 per hour 

  • Weekend and Bank holidays - £525

  • Performance interpreting - POA

Recorded sessions and Performance interpreting fee on request

Out Of Hours
  • Before 8am and after 6pm - Fee + 50%

Cancellation Fees
  • 15 days or more notice – no charge

  • 8 to 14 days notice – 50% of the fee

  • 7 days or less notice – full fee

All bookings once confirmed verbally, by email or in writing will be subject to these terms and conditions and will be assumed as accepted by all parties, unless otherwise informed by email or in writing that a variant of terms and conditions is to be negotiated.

Travel Expenses
  • Fees are inclusive of travel up to 10 miles

  • 45p per mile thereafter

Travel Time
  • Charged at £10 per hour after the first hour

  • Payment to be made in full within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

  • After 30 days charges will be applied as per Late Payment Legislation.

  • Late payment fee = Invoice amount owing + 10% of total invoice amount per day.

Sole Working
  • Bookings over 1.5 hours continuous interpreting will usually require two interpreters.

  • If only one is booked for such an assignment the fee will be charged at time and a half and breaks will be expected. 

  • Two interpreters will always be preferred.


Preparation Materials
  • The client will provide the Interpreter with all relevant information and preparatory materials in good time of the assignment.

  • This will help to ensure provision of a quality service.

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